Dedicated Internet Access

GIGAPOP's goal is to provide the highest quality internet access service at the best price performance in the state. Our unique ability to provide a higher performing service at a lower price makes GIGAPOP an obvious choice. GIGAPOP Internet Services are based out of the three TierPoint data centers located in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

GIGAPOP’s Internet access is dedicated, non-oversubscribed and backed by one of the best SLAs available. GIGAPOP is a refreshing change from your traditional cable or telephone company. We will impress you with our simple product, rapid service installation and proactive customer support. Our ability to provide reliable, yet affordable bandwidth will turn thousands of businesses into loyal customers.

GIGAPOP provides carrier class On-Net Internet access to all TierPoint Data Center customers in Oklahoma. We will be adding On-Net buildings in downtown Tulsa and OKC in 2019 and 2020.

GIGAPOP provides Off-Net Internet access statewide. Off-Net traffic also runs over the GIGAPOP network, but a telco or cable company tail circuit connects the customer to our IP backbone. Off-Net service allows us to extend our reach exponentially, making GIGAPOP service available to hundreds of thousands of additional businesses.

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